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Demonstrating God's love through practical acts of mercy


Since its incorporation in 1998, HELP has become a multi-faceted ministry. All requests for assistance are given consideration. If resources are not readily available, HELP seeks to find the necessary resources. For unique requests an email is often sent to area churches to seek assistance in meeting the needs.

All items given to clients are given free of charge. Most of the goods provided to clients have been donated to HELP. Occasionally HELP receives a grant to assist with the purchase of furniture or appliances, or to construct handicap ramps. HELP has also received a Council On Aging Grant to transport senior citizens for medical purposes. Again, services are rendered free of charge to the client.

The real "heart" of the ministry is the volunteer base. The office staff takes in the requests without being judgmental of the clients. It is not unusual to see an intake volunteer shed a tear of compassion for the client he or she is working with. Some volunteers have even opened their own wallet to contribute to an immediate need for food, gas, a prescription or any number of situations.

The volunteers who coordinate the delivery of goods and services are equally compassionate. Besides working long hours-- longer than they originally volunteered for--  they have also given of their own time and resources to assist families in need.

The volunteers that deliver the furniture, appliances and household goods return with stories they are excited to share. Sometimes they tell of a single mother who has absolutely nothing, and how they felt so good providing her with beds for herself and her child. These volunteers also tell their friends, and a new volunteer is generated as the friend gets involved.

Handicap access projects have become another hallmark of HELP. Small groups of men have undertaken numerous handicap ramp projects. Men from several area churches combined efforts on some of these projects, providing an awesome testimony for the "unity of the church" when compassion is allowed to shine through.


The vision of HELP is one of committed Christians coming together in a spirit of unity sharing their gifts, talents and resources, to bring comfort and aid to those in need of help and hope.  It is a vision in which denominational differences are set aside, in order to demonstrate God's love for all people.


The mission of Hands Extended Loving People (HELP) is to compassionately provide basic goods and resources needed by the economically disadvantaged of the Mason County area, such that their sense of dignity and worth is restored and maintained.

Board of Directors:

Douglas Canfield (Pres)

Jackie Hannahs (VP)

Irene McCumber (Secretary)

Delores DeGood (Treas)

Bev Hamman